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CRMLS partners with LionDesk to add CRM platform

CRMLS and LionDesk Partner to Provide 96,000 California Real Estate Professionals with Easy-to-Use CRM PlatformCRMLS and LionDesk Partner to Provide 96,000 California Real Estate Professionals with Easy-to-Use CRM Platform

California Regional MLS (CRMLS), the nation’s largest and most recognized multiple listing service, and LionDesk, a leading real estate customer relationship management (CRM) platform, announced today that they have partnered to provide 96,000 California real estate professionals with LionDesk’s CRM platform as a user benefit. This deal marks the first ever agreement between an MLS of CRMLS’s size and a CRM.
All 96,000 CRMLS users now have access to LionDesk’s integrated sales and marketing platform that directly impacts production, time management, and overall business growth for sales professionals and business stakeholders.

This was announced a few weeks ago so I’m a bit late in commenting. I believe this is the first time a CRM has been offered through an MLS provider. And CRM tools have been getting a lot of attention lately. The team at LionDesk , led by David Anderson, have built a very feature rich solution.

What I like about this is that lately I keep hearing about the stark differences between producing agents and non-producing agents. We already know that real estate is such an aspirational business. We need to figure out how to move more people from one or two deals a year to five to ten. Knowing that most business comes from people you know, it’s crucial for agents to grow and understand their SOI (sphere of influence), and that is what a good CRM does.

  1. This is a huge deal for both organizations.

    Congratulations to CRMLS for picking a great partner and congratulations to LionDesk for landing the biggest MLS in the nation!

    AgentSquared has a technology partnership and API integrations with both LionDesk and CloudCMA.

  2. We have had one previous CRM of sorts years ago. I believe it was from RED and it was total garbage. I jumped on this the very first couple of days it was out.

    One of the more exciting things about this is that it is one of two CRMs that integrate with Remine. But beyond that Remine has promised deeper integration with those two CRMs. An on top of that, LionDesk is poised to rollout LD 2.0 sometime this year. I’m told it looks great.

    CRMLS has really been pushing to get rid of the old cruft tech that has been gathering dust over the years. There are a few more things to ditch in my opinon. One of the next things to go is RatePlug. Ditch that and negotiate something with HomeBot.

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