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Gary, put down the bong.

by Greg Robertson on February 18th, 2019

Back In Black: Gary Keller declares victory in tech platform race

Keller compared the launch of Keller Williams’ consumer app to Amazon, Facebook and Netflix getting customers. Once they’ve hooked those customers, those customers don’t leave. They may add something new, but they don’t abandon their old platforms.
“As a consumer uses a particular site or app it starts morphing into their personal experience and all their stuff gets in there, just like mobile banking,” Keller said.

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Does anyone in this industry even understand the concept of “under promise, over deliver” any longer? How do manage your agents expectations when you are making statements like…

You will become “the Netflix of Real Estate”

“it’s like Facebook and Slack had a baby and sent it to real estate school.”

“This is not, are they going to catch up to me, this is, they cannot catch up to me.”

“just like mobile banking,”

” so you can answer any question on demand,”

“You get to watch the entire journey from your remote control,”

“reinventing how people experience real estate “

Give me a fucking break.

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  1. Chris Lambrou permalink

    Okay – I think I like you now : )

    The RESO Internet Tracking WG will have kw on board this week to talk about the real-world analytics coming out of this project.

    Should be fun as we learn more about the current trend of broker/franchise lead tech.


  2. Roland Estrada permalink

    Yeah, those were some Bizzarre statements. Maybe they need to hunt for a new CEO again

  3. Robertson for President 2020.

  4. Mike Sparr permalink

    I’ll just leave this here…


  5. Melissa permalink

    Ego inflation maximum, the billionaire’s tipping point

  6. Pres McKissack permalink

    You manage the expectations because we all understand this is a journey not an instant destination. We are LABING each and every product from idea to creation… I have been in multiple labs and so has 27,000 other agents inside our company. KW is not building what they want, they are building what we are asking for them to build.

    You don’t know Gary Keller, I do. I spend significant time with him and there is no one who cares more about his people and our industry. Your statements about him having ego show you don’t really know the man. He’s passionate and a fierce competitor.

  7. @Pres “..there is no one who cares more about his people and our industry.” Give me a fucking break.

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