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RIP Cathy Holefelder

by Greg Robertson on February 19th, 2019

This is pretty tough to write this but Cathy passed away last night.

I’ve been friends with Cathy for over 20 years. She was a straight shooter, had a great sense of humor and one of the most effective MLS execs I knew.

But what I’ll remember most is that she was always my dance partner, and I hers. We could always count on each other when a good song came on.

Fuck Cancer.

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  1. I am sorry Greg.

  2. Troy permalink

    Fuck Cancer is absolutely in order here. Cathy is one of those people that you just want to talk to about all kinds of stuff whether it be work or personal. She has and will continue to be missed.

  3. darnjo permalink

    Sad to hear. I worked by her side for nearly a decade. Amazing person.

  4. Mike Sparr permalink

    Wow, thanks for sharing and indeed, RIP Cathy!

  5. RIP Cathy, your contributions will be remembered.

  6. John Holley permalink

    So sorry to hear this news. RIP Cathy and FC too.

  7. Jeff Gellman permalink

    RIP Cathy.

  8. John Mosey permalink

    Sad news.
    Cathy and I didn’t dance much, but we laughed together often. She was a master at the eye roll rolled by a cheerful assessment of the situation.
    Goodbye, my friend.

  9. @John. The Cathy eye roll. Who could forget get that! She had one of the best bullshit detectors in the industry.

  10. Rob Wagoner permalink

    Thank you all for the kind words in remembrance of Cathy! She will be greatly missed here at Heartland MLS. And John/Greg you are 100% correct on her mastery of the eye roll/BS detector!

  11. Russ Bergeron permalink

    This was a real shocker to me. Not only did Cathy build and maintain Heartland as a top MLS, she was always willing to partipate in organizations like CMLS, RESO, and NAR. As others have said she was always a pleasure to be around and was always quick with a smile. Sharing a love of sarcasm with me was just icing on the cake. Cathy will be missed.

  12. Brad Bjelke permalink

    I’m so sad to hear about Cathy! She was a great person and a great colleague in this industry. What a bummer!

  13. Lauren Hansen permalink

    So sad to hear this. I worked behind and beside Cathy with CMLS. And she saved me from the clowns in Old Tucson. Not kidding. RIP, my friend.

  14. Rob Wagoner permalink

    All, I wanted to share the obituary for Cathy from the family:

  15. Andy Woolley permalink

    Very sad news. Cathy was a big contributor to our industry and a great friend. I was fortunate to enjoy many good times with Cathy, Ron, and Patti at Garozzo’s in KC after Lightning demos, years ago. She and Ron will have a lot of catching up to do. We will miss you Cathy.

  16. Amy Gorce permalink

    Heart-breaking loss for the industry and her family and friends. Like so many here, I always appreciated her as a straight shooter with an honest, common sense approach. We will definitely miss you Cathy!

  17. Greg Manship permalink

    I am saddened to hear this. Honored to have served with her on the CMLS BOD. She was a great asset to our industry and I appreciated her input and opinion. She will be missed!

  18. Wes Wiggins permalink

    Very sad. Cathy was a wonderful person, a positive influence on the industry and a true friend.

  19. Our condolences. Such sad news to hear the passing of Cathy Holefelder, Senior Vice President Heartland MLS. She helped us a lot with integrating RETS for clients like @KoehlerBortnick @ReeceNicholsRE and others in that market. Memorial is next Monday please try to attend.

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