Where Real Estate Gets Its Dirt

“Hey Alexa, open real estate, eh”

Better Homes And Gardens RE Signature Service Partners With Voiceter Pro To Bring First Voice-Powered Real Estate Searches To Canada

“For the first time, Canadians can ask their Alexa or Google Home assistant to help them search for their next home simply by saying: “Alexa, open Real Estate,” “Alexa, open Mississauga Real Estate,” “Hey, Google talk to Mississauga Real Estate,” or “Hey, Google, talk to Real Estate.”  Their favourite home personal assistant will then engage them in a conversation, guiding them through important questions such as where they want to live, their budget and the features they want their home to have.”

It’s clear that voice is going to be a primary way humans will interact with computers. I love the work Voiceter Pro is doing in this space. It’s going to be interesting to see where this tech goes.

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