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LionDesk intros “Lead Assist”

LionDesk® launches innovative AI technology, Lead Assist™, ahead of refreshed platform

 LionDesk® , the leading Real Estate CRM platform that helps sales professionals connect, communicate and close leads faster, is proud to announce “Lead Assist™,” an automated lead conversion assistant. Nicknamed, “Gabby,” Lead Assist will qualify incoming leads with the goal of booking appointments, while agents focus on current business activities. 
Closely mimicking true artificial intelligence, Gabby will engage with incoming leads and existing clients via text message to further determine lead quality and speed response to general customer needs with the ultimate goal of qualifying the lead for the agent. 

Gabby, Kelle, Siri, and Alexa sounds like the next lineup of the Spice Girls.

Aside from that I love the video that LionDesk came up with to highlight the value proposition of this new feature.

I recently did a podcast with LionDesk’s CEO David Anderson. You can check that out here.

  1. Spice Girls – funny. I checked it out when it dropped and it looks pretty cool and also reasonable in terms of cost. I’m liking LionDesk so far. And, that was a great interview with David. I listened to it three times.

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