Where Real Estate Gets Its Dirt

Every vendor (new and old) should read this…

This just popped back up on my Twitter feed. I just read it again, I had forgotten how goddamn good it is. Jessica Swesey of 1000watt breakdowns what every vendor should understand about real estate, brokers and agents. This is mandatory everybody, stop what you are doing and read this now.

Things proptech startups should know

There are many paths. But at the end of the day, agents drive pretty much everything. That may sound like an easy answer, but it’s not, for a lot of reasons. Agents are expensive to reach, require a lot of in-person selling, onboarding and training — even for “simple” software. And there’s a LOT of churn. People seem to try on this career like a hat in a store window, then move along to other pastures often. 
And there’s this: An irregular, commission-based income and a regular credit card charge for a software or service subscription just don’t live well together. 
And whereas virality can work wonders with other business apps like Slack, agents tend not to want to tell others about new tools they suddenly can’t live without.

Jessica Swesey

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