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RealScout’s Buyer Graph


“Brokerages already have the advantage in fighting the resource war: strong relationships with real estate consumers.
Visionary brokerages are already coming together to establish Buyer Graphs across the country.
These Buyer Graph initiatives, powered by RealScout, secure consumer data from 3rd parties while unlocking the analytics 
and deal-making potential of market transparency.”


If you click on the title above you’ll be able to view a short video (after you surrender an email address ????) describing RealScout’s vision of connecting buyer data. It’s an interesting perspective on the value of buyer data and how it relates to today’s listing portals. I think their “Buyer Graph” concept is a great device to really hammer home RealScout’s value proposition.

Also, I keep telling Andrew Flachner, RealScout’s co-founder, he could have a career in television if he wanted.

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