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Save the date!

W+R Studios is hosting another Boost -The MLS Staff Summit, August 14-16. Last year’s event was a huge success, so this year we are increasing the amount of people able to attend.

Join the crew at W+R Studios for 2 days of intensive Cloud Agent Suite learning, networking, and training on how to Boost your MLS career. We’ll take care of room and board so get your ticket and yourself to Huntington Beach and we’ll handle the rest!

This event isn’t for CEO or leadership, but for those in the trenches working with agents in the training and support departments of MLS organizations.

Boost is hosted by W+R Studios, the creative team behind Cloud CMA and we believe in working hard and having fun. 

To be the first to know when tickets will become available by visiting this website -> Boost: MLS Staff Summit

Sponsored By Giant Steps Advisors