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MRED to Become First Multiple Listing Service to Launch Restb.ai Artificial Intelligence Services

“The benefits of this new technology will also be felt behind the scenes. Restb.ai provides a compliance solution that allows MRED’s Rules and Regulations staff to proactively monitor listing photos for rule violations. This process takes place before photos are public, enabling corrected images to be uploaded in a timely manner and resolving issues early to save real estate professionals from potential fines.”


This is legit. I got a chance to see a preview of this last week at MRED’s strategic planning sessions. MRED’s CTO, Chris Huran is taking the exact right approach by focusing on compliance first (yard signs with phone numbers, etc.) But the possibilities are endless. I’ve said this before; photo tagging is the next frontier, and I liken it to when aerial photos and digital mapping where first introduce to real estate apps.

And, from first hand experience I can tell you the tech from Restb.ai is super impressive.

I recently interviewed Restb.ai Vice President, Dominik Pogorzelski, on my podcast, Listing Bits.

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