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Redfin announces “Redfin Direct” – Will now take offers from unrepresented Buyers

A real estate broker prompting to you “Buy without an agent”? What sorcery is this?? Redfin is shaking things up again by letting unrepresentative buyers make a “direct offer” on their listings on Redfin.com.

I sat down with Glenn Kelman this week at the T3 Summit for an interview on my podcast Listing Bits (to be published later this week). Glenn told me Redfin Direct is a “new service for their Sellers” and launched in Boston area on March 28, 2019 and of their 150 listings 4 have sold to unrepresented buyers and small percentage of Redfin agents (not the same agent) representing both sides (those numbers obviously may have changed since our interview).

Is this some sort of genius lead play for double ending listings and/or acquiring more Sellers? Or just giving consumers what they want? Or both? You be the judge, click on this link to a listing in the Boston area to see how it works.

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