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The birth of Stellar MLS

A Stellar Idea: My Florida Regional MLS Reimagines the Multiple Listing Service

Merri Jo Cowen, CEO of Stellar MLS

“Becoming Stellar, says Cowen, starts with asking one question: “Is what we are doing Stellar?” she said. “Our customers tell us we provide excellent customer service. But our goal is to be Stellar in everything we do; Stellar isn’t just our name — it is our new culture.”
Stellar MLS will continue its leading customer service efforts, delivering regular Broker Summits, quarterly broker conference calls, and onsite training. In terms of its curated customer journey, Stellar will leverage information collected from its new Customer Profiles to help develop new initiatives, as well as new products and services.
“Our customers are Stellar,” said Cowen. “As we get to know more about them, we can create even better customer journeys, because Stellar is not just about us, it is about our brokers and their agents,” she said.”

There is a lot to unpack here. Their press release is chock full of ideas, initiatives, and lists of services. It’s clear Merri Jo and her team have something they want to say and change about the perception of what an MLS provider/organization can be. I think the thread that runs through it what they call a “Curated Customer Journey’. I’m hoping to learn more as they being rolling out some of their programs.

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