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Industry Relations Episode 34: T3, GFK & the Unveiling of Redfin Direct

Rob and Greg have often said that Redfin is the most important tech-centric brokerage that no one is talking about. Well, that is about to change with the company’s unveiling of Redfin Direct, a service allowing consumers to buy properties without representation. What’s behind Glenn Kelman’s move to give customers another ‘layer of choice’? And how might the real estate industry respond?

Today, Rob and Greg are discussing the big players who spoke at the T3 Summit, from Rich Barton to Gary Keller to John Peyton. They describe the pervasive nature of brokerages talking strategically about competing with iBuyers and tech as well as the buzz around Art Carter’s call for a new type of organizational structure around the MLS. 

Greg speaks to the way ‘GFK’ won the room at T3 with his humor and authenticity, and Rob asks about the impetus behind Redfin Direct and how the industry might respond. Listen in for insight around how the program puts Redfin on the radar in a way it hasn’t been before and learn how Redfin Direct might work in conjunction with Redfin Now and the brokerage’s title and mortgage programs.

Program Note: This was recorded before RE/MAX and Redfin announced they had dissolved their partnership

What’s Discussed: 

Greg’s insight on the big players who spoke at the T3 Summit

Art Carter’s call for a new type of MLS organizational structure 

The pervasive nature of brokerages addressing iBuyers + tech

How Glenn Kelman ‘won the room’ with his authenticity at T3

The stark contrast between Redfin and Compass’ mission

Greg’s take on Redfin Direct + the potential industry response

The impetus behind Redfin Direct and how it was announced

How Redfin Direct supports its title + mortgage programs

How Redfin Direct puts the company on the industry’s radar

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