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RE/MAX and Redfin end partnership

“That program goes against every value RE/MAX has had for more than 45 years,” Contos said in the letter announcing the end of the partnership. “I feel very strongly and passionately about that, as does our Board of Directors and my leadership team.”

Redfin itself, however, said it would still employ buyers’ agents and had no plans to cut them out of deals.

“Redfin understands this concern, as we employ thousands of licensed professionals and believe the vast majority of homebuyers need professional advice, and will happily pay for it,” the company said in a statement, announcing the end of the partnership.

“But we also have a duty to get as many offers for our customers’ listings as we possibly can, and to give those listing customers the best value,” the statement continues. “We believe in consumer choices; our mission is to redefine real estate in consumers’ favor.”

It seemed improbable from the start. Adam Contos, an ex law enforcement officer now turned CEO (who, I am told, like many former law enforcement officers still carries a gun day to day) and Glenn Kelman, a University of California Berkeley grad who proudly flies his “freak flag”.

When I first heard about the partnership I thought it was incredible. In a increasingly divided world these two companies found a way to work together, to leverage each other strengths. In my recent interview with Glenn Kelman, CEO of Redfin his praise of RE/MAX agents came through loud and clear.

What a shame. There was so much potential in this partnership. Both companies took a chance. But, in the end both companies stood firm on their respective missions.


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