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The Department of Justice Demands CoreLogic Turn Over Documents and Answer Questions

“Anyhow, we move on to the Schedule to see what the DOJ wants CoreLogic to produce. I won’t quote the entire wall of text, since you can read the CID yourself above. But it seems pretty clear what the DOJ is after, isn’t it?
The first major area is whether MLS members can search for properties based on amount or type of cooperating commission offered. The DOJ seems very interested in whether MLS subscribers can search by commission amount, or type, and if not, why not. The DOJ wants every email or letter between CoreLogic and its customer MLSs that pertain to how much a member can and cannot search by commission amount or type.”

Rob Hahn

I think Rob does a better job than I could of breaking down the CID (he also has a copy of the report to read).

It’s hard for me to decide if this and the Moehrl v. NAR lawsuit are actually going to amount to anything. I’ve been in this business for close to 27 years and I’ve seen lawsuits come and go. The industry just adapts.

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