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Join us at Boost- Our MLS Staff Summit!

The idea is simple. I go to a lot of conferences and meetings. And I learn a helluva lot and network with a lot of executives and vendors in the MLS industry. The relationships and learning have served me well throughout my career.

But, I don’t really see a lot of the people that are doing the real work. The support and trainers at MLS organizations and large brokerages that deal directly with agents. So I wanted to create an event just for them. A place they could learn about our products but also meet and develop relationships with other people in the industry that may be doing something similar to them. And I wanted to make it fun. That’s what Boost is all about.

So if you have any support or training staff members you want to show some love, have them join us in Huntington Beach!

The Work:
1. Immersive classes about all Cloud Agent Suite products
2. Presentations and Q&A with W+R support personnel
3. Presentations and Q&A with W+R Designers & Developers
4. Product feedback/enhancement session
5. Membership in online Facebook Group
6. Formal Certification (support/training) on all Cloud Agent Suite Products.

The Fun:
1. Welcome reception
2. Beautiful hotel steps away from the beach (included)
3. Food included (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
4. I heard a rumor that some point we might be on a boat!
5. Team building sessions
6. Cool swag! (of course!)

This event isn’t for CEOs or leadership, but for those in the trenches working with agents in the training and support departments of MLS organizations.

We have already sold over half the tickets. Click here and use the promo code “vendoralley” and save $100. Boost: MLS Staff Summit

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