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Flexmls is getting fit


We all have (had?) New Year’s Resolutions. The team at Flexmls had one major resolution in 2019, and that was to get their MLS system to shed a few pounds. And unlike me, they are keeping it up.

This video from Flexmls popped in my feed this weekend. It features Char Gust, Vice President of product at Flexmls. The video has some great examples of how Flexmls system is working towards a “less crowded” UI/UX to help MLS system users “streamline their everyday tasks”.

They highlight that they are using “usage data , user feedback and research” to drive these changes. This is exactly the right approach, and they feature some good examples.


Of course such changes don’t come without some peril. We know that people don’t like change, and it seems particularly strong when it comes to their MLS system. Flexmls knows this and promises steady, methodical changes paired with frequent communication.

With increased competition, Flexmls appears to be hitting the treadmill and dropping a lot of pixels, hoping they’ll be the one everyone is looking at when the next big dance comes to town.

  1. Well, it’s interesting that they are trying. The problem with the old school vendors is that they move at a glacial pace. I just had that conversation with a tech founder over the weekend.

    I went to a Matrix user study meeting in November of last year. It was interesting and I got a peek at a completely revamped Matrix UI. But God only knows when or if we will ever see it. It was years after CoreLogic interviewed a bunch of us agents at a hotel in Fullerton regarding the Client Portal, that they finally debuted a new UI. And it’s still not great. Sad.

    I’m beta testing new OSs from for Mac and iOS right now. Apple puts out a new OS for it’s various platforms every year. Now granted, Apple has a lot more engineers but we would happy to see a change every two years. Well, not happy but marginally pleased.

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