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Amazon partners with Realogy

Patrick Hearns for Inman News: Amazon makes splash with game-changing Realogy partnership

““Customers can be overwhelmed when moving, and we’re excited to be working with Realogy to offer homebuyers a simplified way to settle into a new home,” Pat Bigatel, director of Amazon Home Services, said on Monday leading up to the roll out. “The Amazon Move-In Benefit will enable homebuyers to adapt the offering to their needs – from help assembling furniture, to assisting with smart home device set up, to a deep clean, and more.”

I might be missing something but for years the industry has been holding their collective breath with “wait till Amazon gets in to real estate, then everything is going to change…” This announcement just sounds like Amazon wants to sell you more shit. “Game-changing”? Meh.

  1. At the very least it’s interesting from the leads perspective. Rather limited in scope of course. And I wonder if Realogy stock were at say, $25 dollars, would Realogy even be in this partnership? Also who approached whom?
    I at the very least, like the effort and the resulting foot shuffling of real estate executives that go into FOMA mode. That is a very amusing thought for sure.

    Perhaps a fun ass topic for Industry Relations. And I love the format that is closer to the hour length of time.

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