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VESTAPLUS™ – an MLS system built on coffee

Coffee Talks at VESTAPLUS™: How a Revolutionary MLS Software Solutions Provider is Redefining the User Experience.

“VESTAPLUS™ Coffee Talks is a weekly series that provides agents an opportunity to meet the VESTAPLUS™ team in a fun comfortable environment to share their experiences and express what they need from an MLS software. Envisioned by VESTAPLUS™ CEO Annie Ives, Coffee Talks gives the company the chance to connect with agents in a personal way, enabling VESTAPLUS™ to deliver highly user-focused products in a short time”

VESTAPLUS is the MLS system for The MLS, covering about 6 associations in Southern California, including Beverly Hills. A big advantage that MLS organizations that have invested and built their own “home grown” MLS systems is the ability to iterate faster. In the old days we used to call these “user groups”. Adding a casual flare to this is super smart.

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