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ShowingTime hits record milestone

Photo Credit: ShowingTime

Celebrating a New Milestone – and the Agent Who Helped Us Reach it

“On July 4, 2019 at 6:51 a.m. EST, when most people in Charlotte, N.C., were hitting the snooze button ahead of Independence Day celebrations, Evona Cholewa of RE/MAX Executive was wide awake and doing what she loves: helping a client find the home of their dreams.

That morning, Evona worked with the ShowingTime Appointment Center to schedule a home showing for her client, just as she had done countless times before. Unbeknownst to Evona, however, the otherwise routine action had special significance: it represented the 300 millionth showing managed through ShowingTime.”

What a great story. 300 million is such an incredible feat! I can only imagine the huge sense of accomplishment that Scott, Michael and the rest of the ShowingTime team must feel. Congrats!

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