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Constellation acquires SmartZip

The Constellation Real Estate Group Acquires Assets of SmartZip

The Constellation Real Estate Group (“CREG”), has announced today that it has acquired certain assets of SmartZip Analytics Inc. (“SmartZip”), a pioneer in predictive analytics and award-winning provider of data-driven marketing automation and lead generation products for the real estate industry.
The acquisition includes SmartZip’s SmartTargeting platform, patent-pending predictive analytics, data solutions, and automated referral-building content system, Reach150.

If you are an avid Vendor Alley reader, you already knew this was coming.

I’m sure every industry has bottom feeders like Constellation Software. It just feels like every time Constellation Software buys a company, a puppy dies.

  1. Greg, it’s not right to call Constellation “bottom feeders”. They do a great job taking care of employees and continuing to invest in the products they acquire. Yes, they are value buyers, but I’d rather see Constellation purchase a company than have the company go out of business, stranding customers and leaving employees with nothing but pink slips.

  2. @Errol I would caution any company that is thinking of selling to Constellation Software. I’ve had some personal experience with working with these guys after they acquired a company we did business with. While I once thought highly of Scott Smith and Tom George I can’t say I feel that way any longer. Sometimes when all you are looking for is “value” other principles get thrown out the door.

  3. Speaking of going out of business – what happened to Reesio with Move.com? It was one of my favorite TMSs and then they discontinued it? Just poof? I guess it obviously wasn’t as popular as I thought it should be.

  4. Also – they just bought Offrs. Inman didn’t even mention that, and I haven’t seen that spoken about. Obviously they’ve bought competitors before, and the two business models are different in at least a few significant ways. But that surprises me.

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