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BridgeMLS signs first deal with Box Brownie

Virtual Staging: bridgeMLS First MLS in America to Partner with Stunning Graphic Design Service BoxBrownie

“Specializing in image enhancement, virtual staging, CGI renders, floor plans, and now virtual renovation, BoxBrownie.com are continually providing key marketing solutions for minimal cost to the agent.
This partnership means an exclusive on-boarding offer to all current bridgeMLS members who are not currently using BoxBrownie.com. An initiative developed to continue providing innovative technology in an ever-changing industry.”

I believe this is the first MLS deal for Box Brownie. If you are curious about their name, “Box Brownie”, it’s the name a popular early camera made by Eastman Kodak.

These are just the early days of augmented reality coming in to real estate. In a sense virtual tours were the first step. Now virtual staging. Next virtual agents?

I’ve been tracking a few Australian companies that are really starting to get some traction here in the states. Australians are new Canadians in online real estate.

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