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The beginning of the end for telesales?

Jessie Beaudoin from CallAction: Why Apple’s iOS 13 Release on Sept 19 Will Kill Your Lead Follow-Up

“Apple’s “Silence Unknown Callers” setting will help block some the 48 billion phone spam and robocalls per year. 
Here is what will happen when users have Silence Unknown Callers turned ON.
Phone calls from unknown callers will not ring the phone. 
Calls are automatically sent directly to the iPhones voicemail. 
The core of sales is conversations, most of which are over the phone. A decrease in phone conversations will cause your sales volume to fall.”

Lots of chatter in both the agent and vendor community about the impact of new FCC Rulings, wireless carriers, and new hardware/software settings in mobile devices that identify and even block unwanted callers.

From an agent perspective. What if you are using a predictive analytics software and try to call a home that has been flagged as likely to sell? Chances are your call will be blocked, or be sent directly to voice mail (aka: the place nobody checks for weeks). Yikes!

Or say an agent just got a lead from Zillow and they try to respond quickly. Same scenario as above. You can see why some of these lead generating businesses are changing to more of a referral model.

Rob Hahn recently wrote about this and had an interview with Chris Drayer of Revaluate.

Then from a vendor perspective I know many vendors who rely on call centers to call agents directly to sell their products and services. Some of the portals have huge call centers. Those methods could see a big hit to production.

The answer? Inbound and content marketing are the best solutions. But the main thing will be focusing on creating great products that people will talk about.

So maybe in the end, this will not be such a bad thing after all.

  1. So true. I turned my spam blocker on and went from over a dozen junk calls a day down to zero. I might actually pick up my phone now when I get an unknown number calling! This is good for consumers, not good for telesales.

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