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MoxiWorks goes after agent commissions

MoxiWorks Launches New Real Estate Referrals System, Intros

Intros takes leads generated on brokerage websites, purchased from a lead provider, generated by MoxiWorks partners, or from existing databases that need to be revisited. All leads are qualified and nurtured by real humans until they’re ready for a friendly introduction to an agent. After the personal introductions are made between the agent and future client, Intros routes the referrals directly into the agent’s MoxiEngage CRM account for follow-up.

York Baur, CEO of MoxiWorks said, “It’s no secret that, as T3 Sixty estimates, lead conversion rate sits sub one percent in our industry. However, when leads are processed carefully, and relationships are cultivated through nurturing them, conversion rates rise and brokerages can expect much happier agents, a better consumer experience, and more closed transactions.”

A few things jump out at me.

  1. This “success fee” “referral” model is now officially a trend. Opcity (now part of Realtor.com) and Zillow Flex are other programs that come to mind.
  2. If this is truly a referral program I’m assuming MoxiWorks has licenses to sell real estate in the states it plans on collecting these fees.
  3. MoxiWorks owners include several real estate companies and now a Private Equity firm. I guess anyone who signs up for Intros is comfortable with other real estate companies handling their leads?
  4. It’s kind of sad these products/solutions exist because brokerages can’t train agents to professionally manage leads. Zillow has publicly stated agent’s non responsiveness “hurt their brand”.
  5. Where does it end? If you do a CMA on MoxiWork’s platform are they going to start asking for a commission?

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