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Bright MLS adds Remine Pro to core MLS offering

Bright MLS Upgrades Core Offering to Include Remine Pro

“With full access to Remine, Bright subscribers have expansive property data, presented through a brand-new intuitive user interface. Remine Pro includes map-based, public records-enhanced property searches, unlimited contact information for prospecting, a fully integrated comparative market analysis (CMA) tool, that incorporates both MLS & off-market properties, a customer relationship management (CRM) system, chat and collaboration client portal tools, a scoring system that predicts the likelihood that someone will sell, integrated tracking and marketing for up to 10,000 properties, and a mobile app.”

Lots of news the week of the CMLS Conference. Pro tip for everyone, you should announce this stuff the week before, not the week of, you will get more coverage.

Remine CEO Mark Schacknies recorded an audio conversation with Rob Hahn last week. It’s only available if you are a Notorious VIP member (which you already should be). He made, what I thought, were a lot of controversial statements about the MLS industry.

Looks like Remine continues to have success with their Remine Pro offering. They have teased that they have up to 3 MLS providers that are committing to switch over to a full “MLS by Remine” solution in 2020, but so far no confirmation.

Lots of banter back and forth on my last post about Remine from other MLS vendors in the space. Everyone should remember that we are all in this together. And by “everyone” I mean Remine.

Should be an interesting week.

  1. No question Greg that “….a week before, not the week of will get you more coverage.” Nonetheless great that the CMLS conference has become the target date for so many industry announcements! 2022 report, Remine, Flex MLS already! Could there be even more to come?

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