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FBS introduces FlōPlan, a super easy way to make floorpans, but that’s just the beginning.

FBS Introduces FlōPlan: Game-Changing Floor Plan Innovation for the MLS

Continuing its 40+ years of providing technology and services that maximize the core value of Multiple Listing Services (MLSs), FBS introduces FlōPlan, game-changing floor plan and digital capture technology that empowers MLSs to create new value for members and consumers with a floor plan on every listing.

On the surface this could seem like just another partnership with a third party software app. But under the surface, the real innovation is about MLS providers capturing a new digital asset. An asset that could be used as leverage against existing portals and make MLS and brokerages more relevant to consumers again.

And what do I mean by “leverage”? Any contract negotiations come up with anyone regarding MLS data, the MLS can negotiate (new and old agreements) new rates and terms based on the inclusion of floorpans.

Think about it, what if through this partnership an MLS began to capture a majority of floor plans for each new listing. Would that be valuable? I would say, “Hell, yes!” I think consumers would absolutely love listings with floor plans and begin to demand them.

I also absolutely think that the MLS is in the best position to capture this data. I can imagine a listing agent telling their seller to have their 15 year old son download this app and start capturing the floor plan.

One quibble, the name “FlōPlan”. Too cutesy for me. Otherwise I think this is something every MLS provider should embrace and start implementing today.

  1. The first thing that struck me before even reading the post was “FloPlan”. My head reeled with politically incorrect things to say, non of which I can post here. Except maybe for “Aunt Flo is in town”.

    The friction I see here is with any floor plan app. They say they are easy but that is a stretch. The apps I’ve tried are a pain in the ass. Hopefully FloPlan is different. The other problem is adoption. As we all know, MLS site license deals can suffer from lack of agent adoption. I like the forward thinking. Let’s see where it goes.

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