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Homes.com’s Andy Woolley launches new podcast: “Secrets of a Smarter MLS”


I’m excited to announce that good friend and longtime industry advocate Andy Woolley is launching a new podcast called “Secrets of a Smarter MLS”. The podcast focusing on finding out the secrets to running a successful MLS organization by talking to their leadership.

His first guest is Jeremy Crawford. Jeremy is a great first choice. Jeremy is unique because he has seen multiple sides of the industry, from vendor to holding senior MLS staff positions at multiple MLS organizations, CEO of RESO, and now president and CEO of FMLS in Atlanta, GA.


The podcast is available on iTunes or wherever you listen to podcasts. You can also listen to the episode now in your browser at the link below:

Secrets of a Smarter MLS Podcast

I’ll also be adding the podcast link to the the Industry Podcasts page here on Vendor Alley.

Congrats Andy!

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