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Homes.com launches new podcast featuring Andy Woolley

Homes.com Launches New Podcast for MLS Executives 

Homes.com announced today the launch of a new podcast designed to inspire collaboration and innovation within the MLS industry. Hosted by Andy Woolley, Vice President of Industry Development for Homes.com, the “Secrets of a Smarter MLS” podcast invites MLS leaders to share ideas about the intersection of strategy, operations, and execution that result in a smarter MLS. 
“In an increasingly challenging industry, demanding an increasingly smarter MLS, this podcast is an opportunity for MLS operators of all sizes to learn from their peers around the country,” says Woolley. “My hope is that this podcast will be a platform for collaboration, sharing ideas to empower all MLSs to operate smarter.”


It’s official! I had a little bit of a heads up on this. You can access this wherever you get your podcasts and I have also included a link to it in the “Industry Podcast” section of Vendor Alley.

Andy’s first interview features a great conversation with Jeremy Crawford, CEO of First MLS.

  1. The first edition was exceptional! Andy and Jeremy covered many nuggets of useful information for MLS leaders, staff and volunteers. I can’t wait to hear the next one Andy.

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