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Remine inks state-wide exclusive multi-product deal with First MLS

Georgia’s FMLS licenses Exclusive Rights to Remine Listing Input, Remine Docs, and Remine Agent Pro

“Remine and FMLS (First Multiple Listing Service) announced a new partnership today that dramatically upgrades the technology, data and tools available to Atlanta-area real estate professionals. Under the terms of the deal, FMLS will provide the Remine MLS system as a member benefit. This system includes Remine Listing Input, Remine Docs and Remine Agent Pro. All functions will be provided with high availability ensuring that brokers and agents will have access 24/7 to get their business done.”

It looks like a “system of choice” play. So not a stand-alone MLS System. Also, Remine seems to tout an Upstream alternative with their rumored listing input module (LIM). But obviously, Jeremy knows his standards so there could a path for a broker to enter into one LIM and then send it off to multiple MLS organizations.

No launch date is being mentioned publicly, but Remine is going to need a lot of cooperation from Corelogic to make this happen.

These “exclusive” deals are tricky and I’m surprised Remine is going this route. First off it set a precedent for other negotiations going forward and second it puts your customers in charge of expansion (which can be hit or miss).

  1. In my eyes any of the new crop of MLS tech vendors that move the ball beyond the lipstick-on-a-pig “legacy” vendors we have now, is worth a roll of the dice.

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