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We got nipple

by Greg Robertson on November 7th, 2019

As I head to NAR Annual in San Francisco I can help but remember back to NAR Annual 2003, also held in San Francisco, when I hired Fabio for a meet and greet at our eNeighborhoods booth.

We ran a full centerfold spread ad in REALTOR Magazine to promote his appearance. To this day I think its the only ad in REALTOR Magazine that ever showed full nipple.

So don’t believe anyone when they tell you not to follow your dreams.


  1. The most memorable ad in Realtor magazine history. I’m reminded of this every year when NAR comes around.

  2. Epic nipple! Fun times!

  3. John Mosey permalink

    Should have been you…

  4. Quite a scandal actually, number of people who gave him their hotel key. Get it?

  5. @Brad you know all the secrets!

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