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MoxiWorks/Vector Capital acquire Imprev

MoxiWorks Acquires Imprev, the Best-in-Class Marketing Automation Service

Robert Amen, Managing Director of Vector Capital, said, “We are pleased to support MoxiWorks’ acquisition of Imprev as it continues its relentless focus on its customers, client satisfaction, and deep, cross-industry relationships. Imprev enhances MoxiWorks’ technology and product offering and furthers the company’s ongoing mission to make real estate technology more automated.”

It looks like a classic roll-up strategy from Vector Capital. They first acquire MoxiWorks and now bring Imprev into the fold. I’m just glad no puppies were harmed.

I’ve known Renwick Congdon, CEO, and Founder of Imprev, for a very long time. Renwick is a principled and smart leader and has built an incredible company and team. Imprev’s Renwick’s first software application was as a real estate flyer program for Macs back in 2000 1994 (we were booth neighbors at NAR Annual 1996…time flies). He was one of my first guests on the Listing Bits podcast. Cheers my friend.

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