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Zillow does a better job of highlighting KW listing agents than the new

by Greg Robertson on January 10th, 2020

KW launches revamped, neighborhood-centric website

“Our redesigned is centered on our core efforts to further optimize the home experience for consumers,” Darryl Frost, a spokesperson for Keller Williams, told Inman. “More updates on our web-based home search will be unveiled in sync with the release of our updated consumer app early in 2020.”

I’ve been poking around the new site. There are a few interesting features, and I wanna do a full review later, but one of the first impressions, besides that it is SUPER SLOOOOOOOOOOW, (which I’m sure they will fix), is the attribution. Comparing listing detail page to Zillow’s page it looks like Zillow does a WAY better job of highlighting KW agents.

Keller Williams listing on

The agent/office attribution is kind of a joke, even for their own agents. It doesn’t include any way to contact the agent. You can click on “Find Agent” and start filling out a form. Lame.

Now let’s take a look at

Keller Williams listing on

Once you scroll. a bit down you see the agent’s name very clearly, his photo KW logo and telephone number. Nice! This is from what I understand is per an agreement KW did with Zillow.

So, as it stands now if I were a Keller Williams agent, I would consider sending consumers a link to Zillow, not the new to look at properties.

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  1. Roland Estrada permalink

    “Send them to Zillow” That’s what Leo Pareja said in the closing minutes of this conference from last year – different context. By the way, worth the 47 minutes to watch.

  2. I hate to say this, but it almost seems intentional as if they are tying not to highlight the listing agent. That way the site can capture the lead and KW can say they provide more leads to agents via their site. In my option, it does not benefit the user to have to spend extra time looking for who a home is listed with.

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