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Watch This Weird ’90s NAR Video of REALTORS® In the Future

“So how exactly did this wacky artifact come to fruition? According to Hathaway Hester, manager of the association archives, the theme of the 1990 town hall meeting was “The Broker’s Office in the Year 2000,” and the futuristic video served as an introduction to the proceedings. The entire thing was filmed and made available to members through NAR’s mail-order service, which was a precursor to today’s REALTOR® Store. It was advertised throughout 1990, then disappeared from the radar until it was digitized and posted online in 2008, the year of NAR’s centennial, Hester says. Over the years, the short video has caught the interest of external publications wanting to highlight the video’s amazing ’90s cheesiness.”

Oh man. This is so fun.

Also, think about this, if the movie Back To The Future was made today, Marty would be going back to the 90s. ????

  1. Nice comedy. Sounds like Microsoft and Maytag were sponsors.
    Steve Jobs is laughing. Even Star Trek had thinner computers. The DOS interface is pretty funny.

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