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John Heithaus launches OKMOVEME

OKMOVEME Set To Launch Beta Site

“Moving and settling in to a new home is unnecessarily stressful, costly and risky. OKMOVEME™ (OKMM) focuses on each of these “pain points” with a FREE cloud-based solution that consumers will regard as invaluable when they’re considering, planning or actively engaged in moving to a new home and settling in thereafter. OKMOVEME™ provides consumers invaluable assistance “just in time at the right time.”

WE MAKE HOME BETTER™ with highly curated editorial content, simple research and task/organizational tools using monetizable affiliate links to valuable goods and resources. The consumer controls the entire experience, aided by OKMM serving up “human bites” of 4 distinct moving transactional phases accompanied by valuable resources coupled with an interactive task list for each phase.”

Lots of buzz about this in the hallways and lobby bar at Inman Connect NYC. This is a space Heithaus knows well, so color me curious. Good luck John!

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