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Vendor Cage Match: Homesnap goes after Remine with new predictive analytics features

Who you got?

The off-market/public records game is heating up!

Homesnap’s new platform guesses when people will move

“The platform uses an algorithm that crunches millions of records, including MLS data, to come up with a “Likelihood to List” score. The service, available only to licensed agents, shows a “heat map” of neighborhoods color-coded to zero in on the homes most likely to go on the market.
“Instead of sending a postcard to 5,000 homes, real estate agents can just focus in on the people the algorithm has determined are the most likely to list their homes,” Lou Mintzer, Homesnap’s chief product officer.”

Things could get awkward for both these D.C. area-based companies if they frequent the same restaurants.

New Homesnap Pro

Remine has been on a bit of a hiring spree lately. Joe Kazzoun and Bill Andrews were hired back in October of last year. Recently they also hired Quinn Nichols, formerly of MARIS, Troy Feeken, formerly of FBS, and Chelsea Goyer, formerly of Redfin. That’s going add a lot to their burn-rate.

Meanwhile, the O.G. in the game, CoreLogic, is not sitting still. CoreLogic has been recently touting a brand-new Realist “re-imagined from the ground up “. This space is heating up quickly, it will be interesting to see what they come up with.

In an article posted on Inman News today, Homesnap CEO John Mazur calls this new Off-Market Marketplace their “crown-jewel” and promises more enhancements coming.

The new Homesnap Pro

All this can only be good for agents and MLS customers. Competition is a good thing.


  1. I’ll say the same thing I said on Inman. I would say to Homesnap, before you roll out a shiny new product, you damn well better be sure that the base product is fantastic. And it isn’t.

    From my Inman post:

    Well, all this agent love is fine I suppose. But where is the consumer love??!! To date, there is still no push notification on searches. Really??

    The search accuracy leaves a lot to be desired. Just this morning I ran a search for Irvine California, a very simple search – residential, under 425K. I should have gotten 7 results. How many did I get? I got roughly 30. Why? Because the “For Sale” tab is including leases as well. Not only that, some of the photos those leases are of vacant land. So much for data accuracy. How could any agent possibly recommend this to their client. I suppose you can but they’re just gonna go right back to Trulia, Zillow and Redfin out of sheer frustration.

    Instead of running agent focus groups, Homesnap should have run consumer focus groups. They don’t want to hear what consumers have to say, because the news will not be good.

    I was a very early booster of the Broker Public Portal initiative. It’s sad to have come this far down the road only to be saddled with this turd with a cherry on top and still no better than Zillow, Redfin or the rest. Maybe it’s time for new leader ship at Homesnap.

  2. Frankly I don’t think Remine has anything to worry about. If Homesnap can’t get their listing data accuracy and nailed down, I’m rather dubious about their analytics on whether or not a home owner is ready to sell.

    As for CoreLogic and their “new” Realist, I’ll reserve judgment until I see it. Let’s face it CoreLogic is still using the turd that is Adobe Flash. Frankly, if Flash was not sunsetting at the end of this year I’m not sure that CoreLogic would ever give up that ghost. To be sure, CoreLogic does not have a recent track record of eye-popping tech.

  3. I love the All New Homesnap Pro. Most of the new information is publicly available however Homesnap repackages it in an easily accessible and digestible format.

  4. Roland: If you select For Sale instead of All Homes (All Homes will give you every property regardless of whether or not it’s for sale) and then go to Type and select the residential options (i.e., house, townhouse, condo, etc. not commercial, lots/land, other etc) you will see 7 active, For Sale properties in Irvine.

  5. I’ve been using HomeSnap for quite some time. I continue to be impressed by the updates and forward push of technology all while keeping it in alignment with Realtors. I LOVE using HomeSnap for both buying and selling experience.

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