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T3 Sixty releases part 2 of the “Real Estate Almanac” with rankings of MLS providers and associations

Extreme Contrast Revealed in Real Estate MLS Study Released Today

“MLS RankingsĀ 
The rankings show that the nation’s 20 largest MLSs (approximately 3.5 percent of all MLSs) serve over 50 percent of the nation’s total MLS subscribers; this number will likely go up as consolidation increases across the country and MLSs become larger. While MLSs have declined roughly 30 percent from just over 800 in early 2014 to 565 today, local pride and politics keep some smaller organizations alive. Eighty-two MLSs serve less than 100 brokers and agents, struggling to effectively serve the growing, more advanced technology needs of their users.

California Regional MLS (CRMLS) continues as the nation’s largest MLS while becoming the first organization to break into the six-figure count at 101,502 subscribers as at 12/31/19. Strategic additions this past year have also grown Bright MLS to 90,932 subscribers and Stellar MLS to 58,447 subscribers, making them the nation’s second and third largest MLSs, respectively.”

Swanepoel and his gang have done a great job with this report. It’s very comprehensive and as a vendor, I’m in heaven. I’m sure every MLS exec and vendor in this industry will collectively create a bookmark in their browser immediately.

Also, being somewhat of a word nerd in this industry I just love their labeling and classifications. The label of “Minute MLS” is classic. I’m sure the debate of “micro” and “minute” was a rager.

Many thanks to T3 Sixty for putting this together!

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