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Industry Vet, Luke Glass, launches RealX, a property rights exchange

Second Century Ventures Makes Investment in Top Property Exchange Network

“RealX has had over 6 million acres registered in its exchange since its official launch in late 2019 and continues to increase both acreage and offers received at a rapid pace. RealX’s mission is to unlock the value of every property, both for the landowner and corporations that may need access to the land. This investment will allow RealX to expand its offering nationwide to Realtors® who can then register their client’s land in RealX, making the land available for offers from third party corporations across energy, communications, agriculture and building materials sectors.

“Individual landowners are met with a host of difficulties when thinking about how to use their land in the best ways possible, including how to identify all the opportunities for their land to generate revenue, how to market it broadly, what to negotiate and who to trust. Now they can partner with their trusted real estate professional using a known exchange that provides accuracy, transparency and automation,” said RealX co-founder and CEO, Luke Glass.”

Great idea. RealX is a property rights exchange — mineral (oil, gas), solar, and air rights — that makes it easy for any agent to reach out, from home to all their clients with 10 acres or more of land to offer a way to tap into more revenue for their land — immediately. This becomes an additional way for agents to generate income (via a 3% commission) from their current SOI. Congrats Luke and best wishes on your new venture!

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