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Join us for a Virtual Lobby Bar tonight at 4:30PM PT

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Virtual Lobby Bar @ Thu Mar 19, 2020 4:30pm – 5pm (PDT) via Katie Smithson

“In response to the positive feedback I received about hosting a virtual lobby bar, I invite you to join me tonight for a cocktail. Grab your drink of choice and don your most comfortable WFH attire.  I realize this may be a little early for the West Coast folks, but assuming tonight goes well, we can try again at a different time. Hope to see you tonight!”

Katie Smithson is hosting a “Virtual Lobby Bar ” tonight from 4:30PM to 5:00PM (PDT). So pour yourself a drink and join us.

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Meeting ID: 639 823 434

  1. That was pretty cool. Sorry I was so quiet. I was “working.” RESO has a digital conference coming up in April, and we know how important the evening events can be for networking and general merriment. I was playing with all the functionality to see what the best views were (all faces at once, for sure), testing the side conversation chat functionality (works splendidly), lighting, angles and more. Thank you for the idea. I steal now.

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