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T3 Sixty releases the “Tech 500”, a list of top real estate tech companies

T3 Sixty – Technology Providers

We see a lot of “all-in-one” promises and many claims of “first,” “only” and “best” and the prevalent real estate tech buzzwords of AI, machine learning, predictive analytics and blockchain. But how do we know what is real versus what is marketing and hype and what will provide real value and the results brokers and agents need?

T3 Sixty, the residential real estate brokerage industry’s leading research and management consultancy, has decided to bring clarity to the real estate tech space with the Tech 500 — a systematic, comprehensive and authoritative analysis of the quality technology providers in the industry. We evaluated approximately 2,000 industry technology providers, selected the quality providers and organized them into 63 categories based on their utility.

T3 Sixty

This thing is insane! It’s the most comprehensive list I’ve seen. The list is organized into 7 sections and 62 categories. Just, wow.

Also, this is a free resource and in a time like this, it will be a great way for brokers and agents to get a feel of the solutions available to them.

I gotta say, I feel T3 Sixty has a hit with its Real Estate Almanac concept. Their list of Associations/MLS and Industry Leaders/Executives are my go-to when doing research and have saved me and plenty of others a lot of time. Next up with will be Holding Co./Franchisors and then Brokerage. A huge asset to the industry.

Hats off to Stefan and crew for putting all of this together.

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