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Listing Bits Episode 57-Coronavirus Foundational Shifts in Real Estate – with Jessie Beaudoin

While we may not be able to predict exactly how the current health crisis will impact organized real estate moving forward, most of us would agree that change is in the air. The kind of change that could transform the way we do business altogether. So, how is the Coronavirus changing the way we think about the spaces where we live and work? And how might this new perspective lead to foundational shifts in our industry?

Jessie Beaudoin is the Founder and CEO of CallAction, a lead engagement automation platform that helps real estate agents capture, track, and respond to leads from online and offline marketing channels. He has 35 years of experience in real estate, working as a mortgage broker for nearly two decades before his interest in efficiency and scale led him to the technology space. Now, Jessie is on a mission to help businesses do more in less time through intelligent sales and marketing automation.

On this episode of Listing Bits, Jessie discusses the foundational shifts in real estate that may come from the Coronavirus pandemic, exploring how the crisis is changing the way we define ‘home’ and why the efficiencies of working remotely might shift the way we do business moving forward. He offers insight into why we lean on technology in moments of crisis and how the virus could impact the housing market in the months ahead. Listen in to understand what mainstream adoption of virtual showings means for real estate agents and get Jessie’s advice on what YOU can do to step up as a leader for your clients and your family in this challenging time.

What’s Discussed: 

Jessie’s background in real estate and segue into the technology space

How the Coronavirus is giving us a newfound appreciation of what home means

How the efficiency of working remotely might change commercial real estate

Why we leverage technology in moments of crisis

The positive foundational shifts that may come from the COVID-19 pandemic

–  Appreciate being together, hyper-focused during appointments
–  Written + verbal communication more clear, poignant and thoughtful

How mainstream adoption of virtual and self-showings could impact agents

Jessie’s insight around how the virus might affect the housing market

The innovations that emerged in the last recession

Jessie’s advice for agents on navigating the current health crisis

     –  Leverage overcommunication and connection
     –  Depend on technology to scale efforts
     –  Step up as a leader for clients and family

How CallAction allows agents to scale their communication via automation



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