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Product marketing in the time of Zoom

by Greg Robertson on April 2nd, 2020

So you find your self on a lot of Industry Zoom meetings but still need to market your products? Say no more! I got you covered with this handy dandy guide to marketing in the time of Zoom.

You’ll need these items to get started:
A single sheet of white paper.
A coffee mug.
A pair of scissors.
A Sharpie pen.
Some Scotch Tape.

Step #1: Place the coffee mug on the sheet of paper and trace the bottom of the coffee cup.

Step #2: Write your “Call to Action” marketing message within the circle you just traced with your Sharpie pen.

Step #3: Cut the circle from the sheet of paper. Watch your fingers!

Step #4: Apply Scotch Tape to the bottom of the Coffee Cup.

Step #5: Attach the paper circle containing your call to action marketing message to the bottom of the Coffee Cup. (Be sure to account whether you drink using your left hand or right hand)

You are now ready! On your next Zoom Meeting wait till the meeting is wrapping up. Then pretend like you are about to take a sip of coffee.


Properly executed this should drive tremendous traffic to your website.

Pro Tip: It’s best not to have liquid in the Coffee Cup. It will end up on your shirt. Trust me.

You’re Welcome.

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  1. Troy Rech permalink

    COVID isolation just did what no lobby bar could ever accomplish. Robertson has gone completely crazy.

  2. OK – THAT made me laugh out loud! Thanks, Greg

  3. John Holley permalink

    Greg, you have too much time on your hands 🙂

  4. Paul Hethmon permalink


  5. Friggin love that Greg.

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