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Industry Relations Episode 44: What Forbearance Means for Mortgage Markets – with Rob Chrisman

On the surface, the government’s effort to support homeowners through forbearance is a good thing. Many Americans have lost their jobs because of the Coronavirus pandemic and simply don’t have the resources to make a mortgage payment right now. But what does this mean for the servicing industry? Why are lenders concerned about the unintended consequences of Washington’s response?  

On this episode of Industry Relations, mortgage banking expert Rob Chrisman joins Rob and Greg to discuss what’s happening in the capital markets as a result of the Coronavirus shutdown. He walks us through how a mortgage functions as a product, explaining the relationship between the servicer and the end investor in a mortgage-backed security or MBS.

Rob C. addresses how government forbearance for borrowers will impact big banks as well as smaller, independent lenders and weighs in on Ginnie Mae’s promise to back nonbank servicers lacking the capital to pay investors. Listen in to understand how the Federal Reserve’s activity in the MBS market affects mortgage servicers and learn why the lending system is not broken despite the changes imposed by the health crisis.

What’s Discussed: 

Rob C.’s background in mortgage banking + understanding of capital markets

How a mortgage functions as a product manufactured and sold to a buyer

The relationship between a mortgage servicer and the end investor

How government forbearance due to COVID-19 impacts mortgage servicers

Ginnie Mae’s promise to back nonbank servicers lacking capital to pay investors

How current circumstances compare to the 2008 recession

The tens of billions of servicers will owe in margin calls due to the MBS price increase

The consequences of the Federal Reserve’s activity in the MBS market

Why the non-QM and jumbo loan markets are on life support 

Why Rob C. is predicting a V-shaped recovery for residential lending

How underwriting guidelines have changed in light of the global shutdown

Why property values are unlikely to take a dive across the board

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