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  1. What’s coming next is a lot of buyers and sellers who went from paranoid and on the sidelines to getting over their fear of COVID or at least understanding enough about it to move forward in transacting. There is going to be an incredible BOOM of activity in areas that open up to in-person showings. Military communities like where I live in Colorado Springs, Co are going to see an insane market once DoD movement restrictions are lifted. The market will extend into the end of the year at a much higher pace than before. There will be a certain % of who would be buyers and sellers unable to transact due to job or income loss. iBuyers will once again transact and pick up a crap ton of property to include sellers who are in default but have equity. Investors like me will pick up many properties using creative financing like subject-to, master leasing, and owner financing. Short sales will become a thing for a small number of owners, particularly dependent upon where they live and when they purchased or refinanced, which will start hitting the market in larger amounts probably later this year. 2021 will see an increase in bank owned property but nothing like we say during the last housing crisis due to equity in property.

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