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Introducing Cloud CMA Live!

W+R Studios releases Cloud CMA Live

“Now, with Cloud CMA Live, agents can present their listing presentation remotely with the built-in Zoom integration, adjust comparable properties on the fly, and even draw attention to certain areas of the report using the ‘telestrator’. “

It’s been over 6 months since we first started working on this new enhancement to Cloud CMA, and we never had any clue how timely this new release would be.

Our main goal was to give Cloud CMA customers a new way to present. A truly interactive experience that would leapfrog any other CMA tool on the market. But in the last 8 weeks, this has taken on a whole new meaning.

You read a lot about virtual Open Houses, or virtual showings, but nothing yet about helping agents and their sellers list property. Cloud CMA Live with its integration of Zoom, Skype, and Google Hangouts give agents the first true Virtual Listing Presentation Tool.

The team at W+R Studios have worked incredibly hard on this to get it out as soon as possible. I couldn’t be more proud. The photo below is from this morning when we did our first #WFH launch. The app works as well as it looks. There are a lot of new innovations on how comps are presented that I’m sure our competitors will try and copy.

Best of all Cloud CMA Live is to free to all existing Cloud CMA subscribers.

If you are not yet providing Cloud CMA to your agents/members, don’t hesitate to reach out to myself or Katie at W+R Studios.

It’s a new market and your agents need new tools.

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