Where Real Estate Gets Its Dirt

Thank you

I just wanted to end the week and thank everyone for their support. It was the biggest single day of traffic in Vendor Alley history.

I’m not a perfect person. I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my lifetime that I am not proud of, so I try and keep that perspective when trying to understand others.

My goal is and will always be, to raise a glass with anyone at the lobby bar.


  1. I was relieved to find I wasn’t connected with Noah (as I shared the link with people I knew who were), but distressed to find I wasn’t yet connected with Greg! I rectified the latter shortcoming quickly, with Greg’s gracious acceptance.

  2. The industry is much better off for you being uniquely you. Raise a glass to those who are so comfortable in their own skin that it causes others to rethink who they could be! Cheers~

  3. Speaks volumes to what you contribute to the real estate industry. The comments were a whos who of real estate! I think it speaks volumes when a boss is willing to go to bat for their employees like that. Until the next lobby con…whenever that is….Best!

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