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Rapattoni shares product highlights for 2020

I can’t help but think a lot of us would be in D.C. right now, seeing each other, sharing a meal, and drink or two. It was also a time when vendors would start showing off their new stuff. To that end, Rapattoni has put together a video.

I hadn’t seen Rappatoni MLS in awhile, looks like they have been spending a lot of time on improving their UI. They even have a “dark mode”! Your move CoreLogic!

You can see a lot of the feature parity now between MLS systems, driven by increased competition in this space. The UI/UX of traditional MLS systems are getting better but also starting to get a homogeneous feel about them. Paragon MLS‘ top banner with “big buttons” seems to be an outlier on the dashboard side.

I think more and more the company/people behind the products are going to be the key difference going forward. This was always the case, but I feel even more so going forward. What is leadership like, are they responsive, are they stable, are they flexible in pricing solutions? Also, the openness of each platform is going to be key.

With so many great people and companies in our industry, there will be interesting times are ahead.

  1. Yes, CoreLogic indeed. CoreLogic’s UI improvements move a glacial pace. It’s been over a year and a half since I got a peek at a Matrix UI overhaul. We just got the removal of Flash from Realist this year, ten years after Steve Jobs declared the death of Flash. Realist is basically the same with many of the same UX drawbacks still in place.

    And yet, there is hope. I’m told there is a “very impressive” overhaul of the Matrix Client Portal due out this year. Fingers crossed.

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