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How to get news about your company on Vendor Alley

I believe I’ve posted this before but I can’t find it, but I thought it was worth saying it again.

If you are looking to get your story posted on Vendor Alley here are some tips.

  1. Is it a scoop? If I’m the first to know about the news, then I’m more likely to post it.
  2. You do something really stupid.
  3. I usually start posting between 6AM to 9AM PT. Timely emails make my job easier.
  4. I prefer to have a link to the story, not a PDF or Word doc. Uploading content to the blog is time-consuming. Having a link makes my job easier, and the likelihood of your story being posted much better. And it’s better if that link goes to your website, not a newswire service. You want people to go to your website and browse around, right?
  5. If you haven’t already guessed from tips 2 and 3, I’m lazy. Including any artwork, logos, photo, or link to video along with your news will also increase your chances of getting you posted.
  6. Please provide me with any context or other flavor you want to add to the news.

A few other things.

  1. I’m not a journalist.
  2. I will typically add my own commentary to your news. You may like or dislike this commentary.
  3. If you have ideas for stories or a podcast theme/guest, send them to me.
  4. If you want to be on my podcast, let me know.

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