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NAR announces 2020 Second Century Venture Companies

Second Century Ventures Announces 2020 REACH and REACH Commercial Companies

“While we look at this crisis as an opportunity to grow and adapt to the markets of the future, we know it is also a time when NAR’s commitment to equipping Realtors® with the technology they need to survive in a rapidly-evolving market is more important than ever,” Goldberg continued. “The REACH program allows NAR to deliver radical and actionable innovation in all aspects of real estate, and we are thrilled to welcome 16 new companies representing a dynamic group of entrepreneurs who will work hand in hand with the Realtor® family to transform our industry.”

The eight companies selected for the REACH Class of 2020 include:

Earnnest: secure, electronic escrow fund transfer platform

Kangaroo: affordable, DIY smart home and small business security solutions

RealX: America’s first online property rights exchange

Ylopo: end-to-end, cross platform, digital marketing

PunchList: all-in-one closing repair solution 

Transactly: simple, streamlined platform for real estate professionals and transaction coordinators

CartoFront: software-as-service (Saas) based flood insurance tool for Realtors®

Modus: secure, modernized title and escrow platform

Looks like Luke Glass’ new company RealX, which I wrote about previously, made the list.

This is one of my most favorite things NAR does. Bob Goldberg’s attitude to bring new tech companies “inside the tent” and working with them is something I’ve always thought of as a great idea.

Congrats everyone.

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