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T3 Sixty’s 2020 Real Estate Almanac is a monster!

Introducing the Real Estate Almanac: the residential real estate’s most comprehensive annual compendium

“The 2020 Real Estate Almanac includes the following five sections: 

-The SP 200, a ranking of 234 of the nation’s most powerful and influential leaders 
-The ORE 200, a ranking of the nation’s 200 largest MLSs and 200 largest local and state Realtor associations 
-The Tech 500, indexing 279 technology services providers, in 63 different functionalities 
-Real Estate Enterprises, a ranking of the nation’s 20 largest franchise brands and holding companies 
-The Mega 1000, a ranking of the nation’s 1,000 largest brokerages”

Hats off to the team at Swanepoel’s T3 Sixty shop. This thing is a beast, and as a true real estate technology geek, I love it. It will be my go-to reading material for many morning coffees to come. And one of few books on my desk for reference.

I was lucky to get an advanced copy and am super impressed by the layout and the detail of the information presented. This is a must-have for brokers, MLS organizations, and associations who are looking at the wide landscape of technology solutions available in real estate. Swanepoel has leap-frogged many organizations that in the past have only delivered a fraction of this content.

It also a great reference for vendors to see what other companies are providing similar solutions. Kudos to T3 Sixty!

Pro Tip: If you are making notes in the margin use a ballpoint pen.

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