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Dotloop users must request to unplug to stop sharing transaction data with Zillow.

by Greg Robertson on July 9th, 2020

Dotloop will now require agents to opt-out of data sharing

“The biggest change is the requirement for users to opt out of sharing user information with third-party affiliates.

“If you want to opt-out of such Third Party Sharing, please email us with your request at,” the updated privacy policy reads. “We use return email addresses to answer the email we receive.”

This is such a chicken-shit move. Just put a toggle switch in the app’s settings. We all know what game Dotloop/Zillow is playing.

I’m surprised they didn’t ask users to fax them a letter too.

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  1. Stacie permalink

    Thanks for this! LOL @ fax

  2. Agreed…chicken shit move. Few will understand the importance of opting out, so they won’t. Most won’t even know that they have the option.

  3. Roland Estrada permalink

    Yep. More robustly expressed here than on Inman. I like it.

  4. Georgia E Purpura permalink

    When you are this slimey… the only direction you can go in is down.

  5. Roland Estrada permalink

    Even more infuriating is that it’s a paid service!

  6. I sent the email and they responded promptly. Not sure why this is a big deal. Just email with a message titles “opt me out of data sharing”

  7. Anonymous permalink

    With this kind of news, will apps like Remine stop constantly tracking user movements? All creepy.

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