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Listing Bits Episode 59: How Agents Win by Working with Renters – with Ishay Grinberg

Most real estate agents look down on rentals, preferring to work solely with clients looking to buy in the next three to six months. What they don’t realize is that there are $12B in leasing commissions available to those agents who are willing to work with renters. And they’re missing out on the opportunity to build relationships with the homebuyers of tomorrow. But how do you find out what rentals are available in your market—when only a small percentage are listed on the MLS?

Ishay Grinberg [pronounced ee-shy] is the Founder and President of Rental Beast, the MLS for rentals. The platform helps tenants and landlords navigate the rental experience and levels the playing field for agents and brokers, giving them access to a comprehensive database of rental listings. Ishay has 20-plus years of experience in the real estate industry, working as an agent and managing broker for firms in New York City and Boston before creating Rental Beast. 

On this episode of Listing Bits, Ishay introduces us to the Rental Beast platform and describes the opportunity available to real estate agents who are open to working with renters. He explains how the platform facilitates a fully virtualized transaction that is driven by the agent, exploring what the sales side of our industry can learn about virtualization from rentals. Listen in for Ishay’s insight on integrating Rental Beast with existing MLSs and learn how the platform helps agents earn more by generating transactions on the rental side.

What’s Discussed: 

Why Ishay describes Rental Beast as the MLS for rentals

The 50 unique data points Rental Beast collects for each property

Ishay’s experience in the NYC market where there is no MLS

The $12B in leasing commissions available to agents who are willing to work with renters

How working with renters helps agents build relationships with the homebuyers of tomorrow

What JCHS research reveals about the growing affluence of renters in the US

How Rental Beast facilitates a fully virtualized transaction driven by the agent

How agents can leverage Rental Beast’s AVM for rentals

What the sales side of real estate can learn about virtualization from the rental industry

–Streamline and digitize the closing process

–Touchless showings

Reading the local market to decide whether to hold or flip an investment property

Rental Beast’s vision for embedding themselves in the MLS universe via integration

The positive results brokers are seeing from the use of Rental Beast



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